Sophie Duvieusart

The short story of a wonderful discovery

Sore throat, loss of voice, bronchitis every year, and finally broncho-pneumonia… My body was sending me messages, and I wasn’t listening!

Yet it is finally thanks to this misdiagnosed broncho-pneumonia that my life changed. Someone showed me three very simple energy medicine exercises to boost my immune system. I really didn’t believe this would heal me, but my cough was quickly reduced and I started feeling much better. Additional energy exercises, combined with dietary changes, helped me get back on my feet.

However, I still felt very fragile. I figured I could come down with something else very easily if I didn’t do something about my health. So I did some research to find out what I could do, and came across a book about Energy Psychology, and more specifically about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

My first experience with EFT was what is commonly called a one-minute miracle! An acquaintance had a persistent headache; she was very pale and tired. She was about to take medication when I offered an alternative, completely natural method. We then did a few rounds of basic EFT as I l had learned from the book, and after two minutes, she told me she was still tired … and suddenly, she said, “my headache is gone! “ She started to move, looking for it, but it was indeed gone, not to return.

I had seen color return to her face during the rounds of EFT. I therefore told myself that there was definitely something to explore and began to research EFT more seriously. What I discovered was so fascinating that I decided that I wanted to become a certified practitioner. I followed the certification process with a mentor (under supervision).

I pursued my training in energy work by adding various complementary methods to my practice.

Throughout this process, I did a lot of work on myself, applying the methods that I use with my clients today. People around me often tell me how calm and grounded I am. This has not always been the case, but with time, I learned to listen to my body. I feel good about myself and am comfortable with who I truly am… and all signs of respiratory problems are gone.

I truly believe that we have the power to help ourselves… we just don’t always know how. Let me assist you in this process.

Perfectly bilingual, I offer my services in both French and English. I work in person or by Skype. Access Consciousness® Body Processes are offered at my office only.


The Logo

The leaf (you) is stuck in emotions that prevent it from moving forward as it would like. It goes through the Coach to set itself free and blossom, advancing towards the light. All this is done with a smile.